MICRO earpiece SpyBro

The small size of earpiece MICRO influence that it fits perfectly into every ear canal. It penetrates deeper into the ear than other micro-earpiece powered by batteries, making it invisible from the outside. This placement of the micro earpiece in the ear canal makes the sound heard more expressive and speech more understandable compared to standard micro earpiece.

The principle working of the MICRO set:
  • Communication between the talkers is carried out by establishing a normal connection with the user's mobile phone. You can call from a cell phone, landline or VoIP;
  • The user's mobile phone(or other device) connect with induction neckloop by Bluetooth. The neckloop must be on neck. The neckloop transmits sygnal (waves) to the active micro earpiece (in ear);
  • The sensitive microphone placed on the loop allows us to conduct a discreet conversation (also available make microphone in dedicate cable, see photo).
The SpyBro Micro set consists of:

Bluetooth induction neckloop

  • To establish communication between the induction neckloop and a mobile phone it is required to have the Bluetooth® function in the phone - such a connection has a range of up to 10 meters depends on the phone.
  • To discreetly talk, a very sensitive microphone is integrate on the induction neckloop, which, covered with clothing, will allow discreet communication.
  • At your request, it can be led out on a separate (dedicate) cable.
Earpiece MICRO
  • The small size (5 × 5 × 4.5 mm) and the body-colored version will allow you to perfectly match the mic handset invisibly to reporting persons. The product was made of antiallergic materials; (also avaibale black color version)
  • AG0, 1.5V battery