Microcamera SpyBro HelperEye

The microcamera „HelperEye" is modern pinhole camera with a miniature lens that can be connected as an external camera to most phones, tablets and computers equipped with a micro USB OTG (On The Go) interface - devices with Android and Windows.

Important micro USB type C.

The miniature dimensions of the camera and the possibility of masking the lens in button allow discreet use in many situations, such as hiding in a button in a shirt.

Technical parameters / functions:

Sensor h62
Resolution 1280*720P
Lens size ¼ inch
Pixel 720p
Line length 1M
Formats MJPG/YUY2
Array size MJPG:720P 30fps
Lens Construction 5G2P
F/No F2.1
Lens EFL 3.6mm 70°
Minimum illumination 0.1LUX
S/N Ratio ≥52dB
Gammar 0.45
Shutter 30f/s
White balance Auto Working temperature -10~+50℃
Power 5V
Power consumption 150mA
Size 15*15*19mm
Interface OTG2.0 MICRO type C
System of cell phone WINXP/WIN7/WIN8/Linux/Android

How does the HelperEye set work?

Option to upload static images (sending photo to Gmail)

1. Connect the camera with a specially configured phone.

2. We pair the phone with a Bluetooth pen.

3. We take photos with the button on the pen.

4. Pictures are in the helping person's box after 2-3 seconds.

Live image transmission option (Streaming)

1. The camera is connected to the phone with OTG function and transmits the image to the appropriate port on the server.

2. The mobile APP is dedicated to this camera, so there are no visible delays.

3. The support person sits anywhere near the laptop / tablet and receives a live image.

4. The program allows you to take screenshots and record everything from the moment you turn on the camera on your computer.

5. The camera is with a button which helps to easily hide it in a shirt (see photos).

We have cameras with tip for type C and usual for Android.

Call now and test.