Set of capsule earpiece MICRO with Wired Neckloop (MP3)

The MICRO + MP3 set is not only a budget set with capsule earpiece, but also an excellent solution for those who have recorded material in an audio file and who need to play it on their phone or mp3 in a secret (unvisible) way.

This set could be used with a mobile phone or radio for simple calls. The capsule earpiece works up to 5 hours (depending on the battery used for the earphone), we recommend Camelion.

The operating time of the device is limited only by the charge of the mobile phone.

A highly sensitive microphone can even pick up whispers.

As standard, audio adapters with a 3.5 mm jack are used.

Since the Hands Free headset has a wired headset, it is not detected through the Bluetooth of other phones.

Principle of operation:

Option 1

Communication between two people is carried out using a simple mobile connection or messenger. You can call from a mobile phone or VoIP.

The set is connected with a mobile phone (an adapter for iPhone and Type C is included) via JACK 3,5 mm, the induction loop is worn around the neck.

After that the induction loop, using electromagnetic induction, transmits sound from the phone to the microearpiece.

A sensitive microphone, located on the loop, allows us to conduct a hidden conversation. If you want, it can be made on a separate cable with a signal button.

Option 2

Record material (in audio format) to an MP3 player or mobile phone.

Set with induction loop connects to MP3 (or mobile phone) via JACK 3.5 mm.

The induction loop is worn around the neck using electromagnetic induction, then the sound is transferred from MP3 to the earpiece.

Set included:

• Microearpiece (5 × 5 × 4.5 mm);

The small size and flesh-colore makes it unnoticed by other people. The product was made of anti-allergenic materials;

• Hands-free set with built-in microphone (an adapter is included for iPhone and Type C, if you want to);

• Our MP3 (for additional payment);

• Battery pack;

AG0, 1.5V (We recommend Camelion);

• Pin + magnet (battery removal);

• User Manual;

• Packaging.


+ Affordable price;

+ The set Handsfree + MICRO does not need to be charged, it works on the phone.

+ The ability to connect to an MP3/Radio and play to recorded information.


– You will not be able to hand over the phone during verification or put it in a bag, as is the case with Bluetooth;

– You need to put an extra cable under clothing.
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